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Tasing a Bro

You’ve surely seen it, but it is worth seeing with the conceptual tools of this course (thus far). And maybe asking some disconcerting questions about the inability of justice to speak itself in a way that mobilizes, rather than unnerves. Of course I’m talking about the UFlorida student who was handcuffed and tasered by security at a John Kerry event. (more…)

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Take a few minutes to listen to and watch this short exchange with Derrida on love. Aside from the rather comical beginning (the interviewer’s French slurs amour to it sounds like mort – love sounds like death!), as well as Derrida’s strangely unsuccessful attempt to get a specific question, Derrida’s thoughts are really interesting. (more…)

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F@#k the police … ?

We started an interesting discussion over the last half of class on 19 September regarding the function of the police in Derrida’s reading of Benjamin. So, a quick note on what Benjamin and Derrida say about the police, then a comment of my own. (more…)

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