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I wanted to write a short summary of our concluding conversation from 17 October. We concluded with a brief treatment of the motifs in the “Absolute Hostility” chapter from The Politics of Friendship, many of which concern a recurring issue in Derrida’s work: the relation of the transcendental and the empirical. As a matter of Derrida’s development as a thinker, one cannot underestimate the importance of this relation. It is there at the very inception of deconstruction, in his earliest readings of Husserl, Heidegger, and Levinas. (more…)


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Summary post by Anderson Mackenzie : This essay is a chapter taken from Critchley’s book, The Ethics of Deconstruction. The major project for the book as a whole is to illustrate Critchley’s contention that deconstruction, as a method of reading philosophy, necessarily involves an ethical demand. In an earlier chapter of the book Critchley makes clear that the notion of ethics which the deconstructive method correlates to is not that of philosophical tradition but rather that of Levinas. “Clotural Readings II” is the fourth chapter in the book; it engages Levinas’s readings of Derrida’s work in order to follow Levinas as he attempts to discern and describe the ethical position of the deconstructive method. (more…)

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