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Hopefully this isn’t too off-topic, but I thought this might be an interesting point of discussion.  I wanted to re-visit a question that was brought up last week…someone had asked whether or not we could be friends with animals (more…)


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Summary post by Dustin Cloues : In “Magnetic Animal: Derrida, Wildlife, Animetaphor,” Akira Mizuta Lippit explores animal themes in the work of Derrida and other philosophers. Animals are not foreign to philosophy: it has long grappled with our similarities to, but deep differences from, other creatures. Freud and Heidegger both describe the philosophical nature of animals, in ways that enhance their descriptions of human subjectivity (Lippit 1112-3). For both Freud and Heidegger, animals can serve as a metaphor for the unconscious (Lippit 1114). But, as Derrida points out, (more…)

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